Lizzy James Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and other Jewelry

Lizzy James is donned the inventor of the original wrap bracelet. Her designs have been crafted using high quality leathers, plated metals, and also come in a variety of styles and color options that may be dressed up for a night out or worn casually as your regular accessory. The Lizzy James bracelets are not just complimentary and stylish and hip to any style, they are also versatile together with the option to wear the wrap bracelets as a necklace. Lizzy first channeled her energy into crafting artisan jewelry during the time while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, she endured. She wanted to use her abilities to stay inspired but more to celebrate the strength and durability inside of us all. Each Lizzy James piece is carefully handmade in the USA by local artists and the company supports those charities close to Lizzy’s heart.


Lizzy James Marla

The Marla is a single strand leather bracelet that is adorned with pewter beads and a Stainless Steel clasp. A sleek and stylish addition

Lizzy James Girlfriend Wrap

The Girlfriend wrap bracelet line is perfect for anyone who loves charm bracelets. You can choose from over fifty leather colors

Each bit of Lizzy James Jewelry incorporates practical attractive embellishments which are both stylish and affordable and is handmade in the USA. The Lizzy Wraps feature stunning charms and beads with leather and easy-to-work clasps which are practical and easy to take on and off.