The Future is Calling and the Future is Men’s Gifts…

Men are tough to shop for.  It’s hard to know what they want and most stores don’t have much for them… Duke Cannon’s Products are the perfect gifts for men.  Fun, High Quality, Authentic, and Affordable.

Duke Cannon was founded on Veterans Day 2011 as a BRAND MOVEMENT.

Duke Cannon created a brand that resonated so strongly with men (and women who buy for them) that you are either going to love it or hate it!  Duke Cannon wondered why men were using body wash and their girlfriend’s loofah instead of bar soap.  Most bar soaps were targeted at women; they were too small and turned into sliver of mush too quickly in the shower.  We put three or four bars of soap together and asked.  ” What if it was like this?  A Brick?  Yeah.  A Big Ass Brick?  Damn Straight!” and that’s how Duke Cannon soap was born.

Choices & More is excited to bring the Duke Cannon Product Line to its Boutique.

Duke Cannon
isn’t for everyone.
And quite frankly, he prefers it that way.

Duke Cannon proudly supports Veteran’s Causes: Wounded Warrior Project, K9SForWarriors, MWDTSA (Military Working Dog Team Support Assoc.)