Why shop local?


When you choose where to shop, what factors do you consider? What keeps you coming back to small, locally-owned businesses as opposed to big-box stores? At Choices & More, we invite you to take a moment to consider the impact your local purchases make on our community.

Where everyone knows your name:

It all begins when you walk in the door. Here at Choices & More, you’ll not only be greeted warmly, but you might even be greeted by name and asked about your family. We might also direct you toward a new item that was hand-selected just for you at market! When you shop local, your personal preferences are valued and taken into consideration when stocking our store. In a big-box store, your preferences and taste don’t matter. You’re merely taking part in a national sales plan, based on a big-box store’s personal interests. You couldn’t ask for better service than the service that you’ll receive here at Choices & More. We will inevitably run into you at the grocery store one day, so we’re greatly incented to make sure that you’re a happy customer (or we’ll get an earful in the produce department)!

Lining the pockets of the community:

When you shop here at Choices & More, you’re helping to create good, stable jobs in our community. When you walk into our store, you’ll likely be helped by a Choices & More employee who is active in the Spring Branch community–attending church here and volunteering at the local schools. Also, many locally-owned businesses chose to source their business locally, so, if  you work in a bank or other locally-owned business in the area, you’re supporting yourself when you shop with us. In a nutshell, if you’re shopping with us, you’re investing in our community in a unique way that’s powerful and impactful.

Come see us at Choices & More! Let us get to know you; you get to know us and we’ll strengthen our community together.