Waxing Poetic


When people ask me about what we do here at Waxing Poetic, I talk about the look of the jewelry for sure, but most often, I start with the “why” behind the jewelry.

At the time I cast the first wax seal back in 2001, the feeling that it evoked seemed to symbolize a somewhat forgotten and much needed form of communication. It was a time-honored, sacred and personal way to mark something – a way to bridge the gap between the old and new; between moments and milestones; between people; between meaning and adornment. Something lasting, something true, not a fad or trend.

As our company evolved, these little pieces gave way to larger expressions… reminders, both in process and form, of so many things we hold dear, but also of our collective experience, and our connection to each other: we realized, even as product combinations take on as many forms as there are individual people, that we are the through line in life. We truly are one, in all of our beautiful facets. We are all poetic by nature, and these pieces are extensions of ourselves.

It is in this range of life experience, through each happening, each moment, each “piece,” that we uncover not only our individual selves, but also a great truth: this is what the human experience is really meant to be, and, incidentally, why we’re in business… to be present to the moments that create our unique lives and come closer to our unity as a result of noticing it. This is our everything.

We’re in business to celebrate our collective beauty, our truths and the expression of all of it… our journey. We’re in business to deeply understand the world we live in, to live it fully, and to love it that much more.

When we work together, and we connect on this level, we reveal something about ourselves to each other, and this connection makes the world a little smaller (and the moment so very, very beautiful). This is our life, all of us, separately, and together, in bond and magnitude.

We are so grateful to be in this world together, in this business of life, where underneath all of the distractions, problems, and surface concerns, person by person, and piece by piece, we get to grow in love and a continual discovery and understanding of who we really are.